Why Does my Cat Make Awful Noises in the Car on the Way to the Vet?

A cat’s life is usually pretty routine, sleep, eat, nap, play, eat, sleep, cuddle, play, nap, eat, and so on. Even if they are indoor/outdoor cats, they usually stay close to home and stick to their routine.  That’s why almost immediately after pulling out your cat carrier, your cat realizes something is up.  

And that is when the anxiety sets in, because unlike dogs who get more trips on the road, cats immediately know that something in their daily routine is going to be disrupted. When a cat meows, it is almost always used to communicate directly with humans and not other cats. More than likely those awful sounds are because your cat protesting and letting you know just how unhappy they are with a trip in the car.

1. They don’t want to be in the cat carrier

Cats are notoriously independent. Even though they generally like cozying up in a box or cat house, they do it on their terms. Being forced into a carrier is, of course, completely offensive to them and they want you to know it!

2. The sounds of the car and traffic scares them

More than just being an independent creature of comfort, cats can also be frightened by the new experience. The sound of the car starting and the traffic around them. The term scaredy cat didn’t just become a household term for no reason. Beneath that tough independent shell, they really are easily frightened.

3. They realize it’s probably a trip to the vet

Then the realization sets in, they remember past trips to the vet and they are not happy about this one bit. Not only do they get prodded by a stranger, there are other animals all over the place. Not to mention the new smells and sounds (dogs barking, cats yelping, phones ringing), it makes the very anxious on top of everything else.

That in a nutshell, is why your car is filled with the yowls, meows, and even purrs when you are on the way to the vet.

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