What Vaccines Do Kittens Need?

There are few things that are more exiting than bringing home a new kitten. I can remember the birth or adoption of every kitten I’ve ever had. It truly is a very special time. But, with great love comes great responsibility. When you look into those innocent eyes, you know immediately that you have to take care of them. And part of that care is making sure that they have all the proper vaccines to keep them healthy.

The Main Vaccines Your Kitten Will Need

While your at their check-up, the vet will test for intestinal worms and give them a complete physical exam. Also, your new kitten will need to be screened for some of the retroviruses, such as feline Leukemia and AIDS. The infectious diseases are very dangerous and serious. If your cat spends even the smallest amount of time outside they will still need these vaccines.

I can’t stress enough how important these vaccines are for you cats. About 15 years ago, my family didn’t know much about Feline AIDS or how important the vaccine for it really was. This ended up breaking our hearts. Our kitten grew into one of the biggest most beautiful cats I’d ever seen. His name was Gizmo. He was simply gorgeous; a natural hunter who loved being outdoors. Usually full of life and healthy, until one day he got sick. Then, the next day we went to the vet and he was gone. The FIV took him so quickly we barely had time to say goodbye. He was only 7 years when he passed.

That’s why it is imperative that you get your new kitten vaccinated. Moreover, you have to make sure to keep up with their vaccinations as they get older; some of the shots have limited immunity, take a look at this complete list of vaccines and their schedules from PetEducation.com.

Educating yourself and making sure your new snuggle buddy has all the right vaccines will ensure a long and healthy life of cuddles, playing and purrs.



In Loving Memory of Gizmo 2001-2009



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