What Does a Pet Sitter Do at My house

Our pets miss us when we’re gone. Days can be long at work and vacations are always needed; that’s why you hired a pet sitter to take care of them in your absence. It’s comforting to know that your pet is being cared for while you’re away, but do you ever wonder…exactly what does a pet sitter do while at my house?

We help keep your pet healthy 

Well, that one is kind of obvious, right? But we do more than just play with them and take them on potty breaks. Sure, they get much needed socialization, food and water, but there is more to pet health than general TLC.

Karla’s Pet Care sitters are trained and able to assist clients with daily helps such as medication administration, sub q fluids, insulin injections, and brushing, and litter box scooping, poop scooping the yard. We also make sure they learn good behaviors. We’re good with pets and if you have an unruly pup on your hand we can help positively reinforce acceptable behaviors.

We handle emergencies 

If your pet becomes ill during the day our pet sitters will know if they need to see the vet. We can also alert you to any problems in the home (power outage/plumbing issues) and assist in any way possible.

We help with light housekeeping tasks 

Although your pet is our main focus, we can help do a few light housekeeping tasks with no extra charge.

  • Watering a few plants (We can do lots of plants for an extra charge)
  • You don’t even have to stop the mail. Just leave the mail box key on the counter for us and we will get it for you
  • Bring in newspapers
  • Take garbage can to curb and back for trash day
  • Provide updates via email with pics upon request

As you can tell, there are a lot of things pet sitters do while at a client’s house.  We love being there for you and your family while you are away. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your pet’s care or our services!



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