Ways to Honor Your Pet Sitter During Professional Pet Sitters Week

Professional Pet Sitters Week is coming soon!  And that’s why the week of March 6-12th is the perfect time to show appreciation to the person to takes care of your beloved furbabies.  After all, they are the special individuals with whom you place your trust day in and day out. The ones in charge of making sure your pet is healthy and safe while you’re not at home.

 Here are a few ways to show your pet sitter how grateful you are for them.

  • Gifts of Gratitude

There are a few simple and thoughtful gifts you can get your pet sitter that they are sure to love.

Gift cards or a simple extra $10 or $20 tip is always appreciated.  You can get a gift card for gas, a local coffee shop or even something fancy like a massage or facial.

Pet supplies, such as a big box of treats or poop bags are a great way to contribute and show appreciation for your pet sitter.  

Coupon for a detailed car wash is a great idea for a pet sitter.  They often have dog nose and paw prints on their windows, fur in the seats, plus they spend a lot of time in their car driving to and from clients. Pre-purchasing a car wash for them is a perfect gift.

Coffee Mugs with a cute message or their favorite breed on it with a small package of coffee, tea or hot chocolate is also very thoughtful.

  • Write a Review or Give Referrals

Sometimes the best gift of all is giving word of mouth referrals. Not only is it free, but it is the best thing you can do for your pet sitting service.  It doesn’t take very long to write up a quick review on Google or Yelp and they would more than appreciate the gesture!

  • A Simple Thank You

Just saying “Thank You” or “Good Job” is also a wonderful way to show appreciation.  Write a little “Thank You” card and leave it on your counter before you leave for work.  It’s a simple way to show how grateful you are for their care and service.

No matter how you choose to do it, make sure to show your pet sitter some extra recognition during Professional Pet Sitters Week starting March 7th.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated and your pet sitter does so much for you, so why not spread some love?

Our pet sitters are 100% dedicated to taking care of your pets. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for services any time that you need us! 



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