Top 5 Ways to Relieve Cat Boredom 

Fall weather is beautiful so a lot of us are spending more time outside. But your cat may not be feeling the outdoor love and with you out enjoying the day more often, they could be feeling a little bit of cat boredom. That’s why it’s good to spend an afternoon spending time and interacting with boredom

Top 5 Ways to Relieve Cat Boredom


1. Play Games:

Get a few laser pointers and wands with feathers. Then spend a part of the day playing chase the prey with your cat. Make sure to have some treats on hand too. Any time they catch the “prey” reward them with a treat. This not only gives them exercise, but it’s also great mental stimulation.

2. Set up a kitty obstacle course:

Use a few cardboard boxes, some pillows, toys and treats to make your cat’s own obstacle fun land. Then afterwards they can cozy up in the box for a good cat nap.

3. Make them a treat puzzle:

Using an old Tupperware or even a paper towel roll you can create a treat-releasing puzzle toy. Cut holes of various sizes (you may need to sand down any sharp edges of plastic) and then place treats inside. Seals up the container and let your cat have a fun knocking around their new puzzle box for treats.

4. Curl up for a cat movie and couch time:

Another good way to spend time with your cat and help relieve boredom is to simply spend time with them. Pick out a nice cat/pet movie like Cat from Outerspace, Secret Life of Pets, Cats & Dogs, Garfield or one of your own favorites. Then snuggle in with popcorn and cat treats for a nice afternoon matinee with your favorite feline.

5. Teach them how to go for a walk:

First, get your cat used to the leash and harness or walking jacket. You can do this by leaving it out around the house, play with them and give them treats when you try to slip it on so they think of it in a positive way. Then start to take him or her around the yard or on the patio, somewhere quiet and close to home.

We often think of cats as independent, aloof creatures of nature, but in reality, they love to have interaction too. They are more active than you may think and they need interaction just as much as a dog. So, next time you think your kitty is feeling a little bit of cat boredom try one of these fun tactics to perk them up. 

And don’t forget, we’re always here to help keep your cat entertained and free from cat boredom! Just give us a call anytime your schedule is packed and we’ll be happy to come play with your kitty!



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