April Showers: Why Dogs Don’t Like Walking in the Rain

April showers may bring May flowers, but they sure don’t make walking your dog outside any easier. So, why do so many dogs hate walking in the rain? Well, we compiled a few reasons why and ways to help get them out during rainy days.


  • Pelted Coats & Soggy Paws

Sometimes the reason is as simple as your dog doesn’t like getting wet. Their coats are very sensitive. I’m sure you’ve seen your dog’s coat twitching when rain drops on them, which has to be pretty annoying. Same goes for your dog’s paws. I like to think it’s the same as me walking around in wet socks, yuck! So, between the rain on their backs and the water on the ground, walking in the rain can be a pretty miserable experience for your dog.

  • Thunderstorm Phobias

A lot of times rain mean thunder and lightening. Animals have the knack for sensing storms before we even know they are coming. When dogs with storm phobias sense the change in the air and barometric pressure, the anxiety starts to creep up. A dog with storm phobia shouldn’t be forced to go outside because it may make it worse. Some dogs have a natural predisposition to have anxiety, others have had traumatic experiences with loud noises. But for the most part there is no telling why your dog has thunderstorm phobias. All you can do is work with them and help them through it.

Rain happens and sometimes for days at a time. Your dog will still need to get out and use the potty at some point. Luckily there are some great products out there to help your dog through the distaste and fear of the rain.


Avoid the pelting rain with this cute leash umbrella combo. Perfect for the rainy and snowy days.



Help your dog stay calm with this stress reducing jacket. Similar to swaddling a baby, this jacket helps comfort your dog when they are feeling anxious.



Stress from storms, hurricanes or even strong wind can be reduced with these drops.


Keep their paws dry during the storm and even in the snow with these cute little dog boots.

Waking in the rain doesn’t have to be a terrible experience for you and your dog. Plus, we’re always here for you to walk your dog in the rain or the sunshine. We’ll happily use anything you have that helps your dog use the potty in the rain. Just give us a call for services! 

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