Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Pet!

Top 4 Way to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Valentine’s Day can be a hard time for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be all romance and diamonds.  Just doing something special with your four-legged companion is enough to make the day great.  We have some great ideas on ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet:

  • Go Shopping for Toys and then play at the Park:  Dote on them a little by taking them shopping. Buy a few new toys and maybe some treats. Then head outside to your local dog park for some fun. 
  • Bake Heart Shaped Cookies:  Bake yourself some sugar cookies and make delicious little peanut butter or pumpkin treats for your pet.  They are sure to love it, who doesn’t like treats on a special day?
  • Get Professional Pictures:  Another way to have a keepsake of your pet is to get pictures taken together.  You probably have a ton of pics of your pet already, but how often are you in them too?  
  • Netflix a Pet Flick:  At the end of the day tuck in and snuggle up with popcorn and a good movie. Homeward Bound, Lady and The Tramp, Marley & Me and Hotel For Dogs are just a few of the great pet-centric movies out there for you to enjoy.  Break out the leftovers from lunch or some more of those heart-shaped treats. Then have a nice quiet night cozying up with your pet.

Let us know if you do have a special day planned. We’d be happy to come walk and spend time with your four-legged loved ones!



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