Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cat Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cat Lovers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Karla’s Pet Care, Elk Grove Pet Sitter, is sharing with you our top valentine’s day gifts for cat lovers.

Caticons Coffee Table Book

Caticons is a limited edition book that chronicles a time-honored private collection of all things feline and celebrates the extraordinary love between cats and their humans.  This beautiful 320 page hardcover book is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the cat lover in your life.  Elk Grove Pet Sitting

Laurel Burch Rainbow Cat Embroidered Gloves

Laurel’s infamous Rainbow Cats contrasting black and red design is accentuated by an attractive embroidered Rainbow Cat.  Enjoy the ultra-soft lining. Give them to your favorite stylist cat love! Gloves feature “touch” pads for convenience in using cell phone, and other devices. Elk Grove Dog Walker

Fuzzy Cat Socks

Cuteness overload is guaranteed any time you give these adorable fuzzy cat socks! Made from super soft fleece fabric, these black cat socks keep paws warm and toasty. Featuring black cats and paw prints, they come equipped with grippy dots along the soles for added traction on smooth surfaces. A cat lover must-have, they are purr-fect for snuggle sessions on the couch and lazy afternoons at home! Fuzzy Cat Socks

Catsville Jigsaw Puzzle

Cats and more cats in Catsville! A fun collection of friendly felines smartly gathered together in this 1000 piece puzzle designed by Shelley Davies, the artist of the Rainbow Collection.  Catsville Puzzle

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You Book

“How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” compiles some of the most popular cat jokes found on and folds them into one neat, tidy package. The well-loved satire and entertainment website brings you favorites like, “How to Pet a Kitty” and “Bobcats,” plus 15 new comics created exclusively for this collection. With the included poster, you’ll be able to display your love—and fear—of your cat to your friends and family, while you enjoy some side-splitting laughter.How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

A Cat-Themed Shower Curtain

A cat-themed shower curtain will put a smile on anyone’s face and adds a pop of color to the bathroom. If you’re looking for a cat-themed bathroom makeover, start with the shower curtain for a bold statement.Cat Themed Shower Curtain

Cat Headphones

These limited edition Ariana Grande wireless headphones are sure to turn heads wherever you go and make you the envy of all your friends Cat Headphones

Doodling for Cat People

Doodling for Cat People sparks the imagination and spurs cat lovers to explore, experiment, and brainstorm ways to draw and doodle their favorite furry friends with a cute and clever art style.Doodling for Cat People

Cat Shaped Tea Bags

For the cat lover and tea lover in your life! Not only are they adorable, but they also brew a nice cup of tea.  Little cat ears bobbing in a teacup is a great way to wind down for the day. This is a unique cat gift you won’t want to turn down.Cat Shaped Tea Bags


This thing will change any cat owner’s life.  No more tufts of fur floating around aimlessly. You can schedule automatic cleanings during the day so that you come home to a hair-free house at night.Roomba


Petcube’s remote wireless pet monitoring system not only keeps an eye on your cat’s behaviors but also dispenses treats on command. You’ll finally be able to tell if your cat is the one responsible for your houseplant dying (it’s a yes).  If you’ve got a cat owner in your life wanting to know if their cat spends all day sleeping or all day partying, this unique gift will provide them the answer. Petcube

Crazy Cat Ipad Case

This is a high quality padded hardcover case that feels sturdy while holding, yet is slim, lightweight, soft, durable and very comfortable to use with your iPad or tablet. Each cover features chipboard reinforcement (the hardcover) and padding. Also protects your favorite device from damage, scratches, dust, smudges and it just looks really cool!Crazy Cat iPad


You will make the cat lover in your life very happy if you choose one of these Valentine’s Day gifts for the cat lover.  If you’re going out of town for Valentine’s Day or just having an extended dinner, contact Karla’s Pet Care to take care of your pets while you are gone.  



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