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It’s really not surprising that roughly half of pet owners give their pets gifts on Valentine’s Day. After all our pets are a big part of our hearts. That’s why this February 14th is a perfect time to celebrate the bond with your furry love. Here are Karla’s top Valentine’s Day gifts for your pets.

1. Bark Box Subscription

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Get your pet the gift that keeps giving with a BarkBox subscription! It’s only $25 for a 6 month subscription and each month you’ll receive a box with toys, treats and other goodies.

2. Pampering Session 

Set your pets up for a pampering filled grooming appointment. With trimmed nails and hair, they will feel and smell fresh for cuddles. Plus, a lot of groomers will give them an adorable Valentine’s Day ribbon or bandanna. Check out our list of groomers in the Elk Grove area. 

3. Cat Collar with Matching Friendship Bracelet 

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Show off the relationship with your best friend with this stylish and charming collar. It’s completely adorable with a wood bow tie break away collar for your kitty and a matching friendship bracelet for you.

4. Give Them Your Time

Gifts don’t always have to be something wrapped up with a bow. Give your pet the thing they want most, time with their best friend. Take them to the park or to a pet friendly cafe for brunch. Stop by the pet store on the way and then cuddle up for a pet-centric movie like Max or Homeward Bound.


Both dogs and cats love toys! From treat puzzles and squeaky toys to cat nip mice to scratch pads, our pets love their toys.

Do you give your pets gifts on holidays and birthdays? Let us know the kinds of gifts your furbabies love! And don’t hesitate to give us a call for your pet sitting needs in case you have big plans with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

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