Top Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter

Keeping your loved ones safe and happy is a priority for us all. That includes our four-legged friends too. That’s why sometimes it’s in their best interests to hire a pet sitter.

Top Reasons Pet Sitters Rock:

  • Safety: You’re going out of town or work really long hours and pets can be mischievous. You never know what they could get into. Plus, a pet sitter checking on your house makes it look like you’re home.
  • Health: Having a sitter come to you instead of visiting boarding or day care is healthy. There is less exposure and less vaccinations needed. Plus, they get more exercise by walking in their neighborhood. It’s a lot less stress and anxiety for everyone.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your pet is being taken care of at home when you’re not able to is a pretty great feeling. They’re comfortable in their home, getting exercise, and you’re not worrying if your friend flaked or had an emergency.

What about my friend or hobbyist dog walker in my neighborhood when I hire a pet sitter?

why hireSometimes you wonder if paying extra is worth it; should you go with the brand name or the store brand, the high end tag or a knock off?  And yes, sometimes it is worth it to cut corners. With some things that it is. However, when it comes to your loved ones you want to make sure they have the best. Here’s why professional are the best.

Legalities & Levels Commitment:

First and foremost, professional pet sitters are licensed and bonded for your protection. This means that if (God-forbid) something happens to your pet while in their care, you can take legal actions against them. It may sound terrible that one would have to think way, it’s true. It’s always important to cover your bases. And what’s more, this shows you how serious your pet sitter is about your pet’s well-being.

Professionals will sign a contract with you for both your protection and ours. With friends, family or hobbyists you get a handshake and a promise. Thing happens, they can’t always make it out. Your pet is often put on the back burner for emergencies. We understand emergencies happen. That’s why back up systems are in place to ensure a sitter shows up no matter what. Moreover, it saves relationships. Helping out friends can be tiring after while and may cause issues.


A hobbyist will more than likely not have the training that a profession will have.  We are trained in First Aid and pet specific CPR. In case of emergency situations a professional will be able to act quickly. We get your pet the care they need as soon as possible.  We are also trained in spotting sickness. Sometimes when pets fall ill the seriousness of their condition can progress rapidly.  As professionals, we know the signs of various illness and can ensure your pet gets the attention they need.
It’s easy to see why hiring a pet sitter is a great idea for your pet. You’re getting more for their safety, health, and your peace of mind. And with Karla’s Pet Care you’re getting the value of competent and experienced pet sitter that hold your pets in very high regard.







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