Top 7 Pet Costumes for Halloween

Top 7 Pet Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and many families like to include their furry family members in the celebrations.  Why not take your dog along for Trick or Treat with the kids, or to your neighborhood block party? There are few things as adorable as a dog in a suitable costume, and you can even get one for your dog that matches your own costume or that of your children.

Here are our top picks for best pet costumes for Halloween 2019.

UPS Driver Pet Costumes

When waiting for a package delivery, who wouldn’t want a fluffy (or not so fluffy) pup come up on the porch one day wearing this gem among Halloween dog costumes? Turn your furry family member into a UPS delivery pet; complete with a shirt, hat and arms holding a box. You cut out and assemble the box yourself, and it attaches to the arms with Velcro. This dog Halloween costume is both comfortable and absolutely irresistible, and it quickly turns your dog baby into the cutest little delivery man or lady you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Top 7 Dog Halloween Costumes for 2019








Shark Pet Costumes

The dog hoodie is perfect everyday use in winter and autumn, this makes an excellent Halloween or Christmas pet outfits as well! Whether you have a cat or dog, you’ll be thrilled with how great this looks on your little furry friend.

Halloween Pet Costume








Dog Lion Mane Pet Costumes

Turn man’s best friend into the king of the jungle with this jungle cat costume for pets and scare the neighbors

Halloween Pet Costumes








Canine Cowboy Rider Pet Costumes

Watch as the cowboy bounces up and down as your dog makes his or her way through the crowd or down the street when Trick or Treating, and have your pup be the horse he or she might wish they were sometimes.

Halloween Pet Costumes








Deadpool Pet Costumes

These officially licensed Marvel pet Halloween costumes have it all! They come with legs, strong arms holding daggers, a headpiece and a great set of abs, to turn your furry best friend into someone completely different this Halloween.

Halloween Pet Costume








Wonder Woman Pet Costumes

This Wonder Woman dog costume for dogs is an adorable DC Comic pet suit that consists of a charming red, gold and blue dress and a gold headpiece so that your little fur friend can trot around proudly while looking like one of the coolest superhero ladies in the world.

Pet costume for Halloween








Spider Pet Costumes

What is furry, friendly and has more than 8 legs? the spider pup dog costume is made up of a fur headpiece with googly eyes and a body piece with attached legs and fuzzy abdomen.

Pet Costume






Be sure to check sizes on all of these costumes because what one manufactures considers a small another considers that to be a medium.  If you are headed out for the night on Halloween and don’t want to take your furry friends along, contact Karla’s Pet Care and we will happily make a visit to your home.  Happy Halloween!



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