Top 30 Fun Activities To Do with Your Cat

The colder months are settling in. While it can still be nice on a sunny day, rainy days during winter are meant for being indoors. Cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and fuzzy socks are the best of life on a cold winter’s day. It’s also a great time to spend some quality time with your fuzzy little kitty too.

Here are Karla’s Top 30 fun activities to do with your cat:

  1. Make an awesome cat tent out of an out t-shirt
  2.  Wind up all your cat toys them and let them go, then watch your kitty try to get them all
  3. Make a simple puzzle by hiding some treats inside a lidless plastic bottle
  4. Plan a birthday party for your cat
  5. Watch your kitty go crazy over some catnip-flavored bubbles
  6. Enjoy some time brushing your cat’s fur
  7. If you work at home, make a cat-sized box for them to place on your desk to keep her off your keyboard.
  8. Plant some wheatgrass for kitty to nibble
  9. Put ping pong balls in an empty bathtub let your kitty play a round of bath pong
  10. Watch “cat TV” together — stare at an aquarium, ocean screen saver, or app
  11. Drag a piece of string or yarn around the house for your cat to chase.
  12. Build a DIY cat tree
  13. Unleash your cat on a keyboard, then see what kinds of crazy typing you get.
  14. If you have an indoor cat, put up some bird feeders on a nice day. Then you can always take a break and relax staring out a window with at the birds.
  15. Start an Instagram feed for your cat, because the internet loves cats!
  16. Teach your cat to walk on a leash. This is great preparation for nice days; you can take your cat out for a little romp in the yard
  17. Spend some quality time watching Nyan Cat together, then make a Nyan Cat costume for your cat…Nyan cat rules!
  18. Create an obstacle course then hold a cat agility tournament.
  19. Teach your cat a few tricks with clicker training your cat
  20. Hide treats or pieces of kibble around the house for your kitty to forage and find, just don’t forget where you put them!
  21. Pass the time in the best way possible, by watching cat videos on YouTube.
  22. Create some awesome toys from toilet paper rolls.
  23. Make a ribbon wand with some tape and a rod
  24. Find some cute cat apps, like a  human-to-cat translator app, then hold a conversation with your cat
  25. Play hide and seek with her food – carry her food as you go and watch her follow.
  26. Make an indoor cat playground with old boxes and some blankets
  27. Have a photo shoot and take selfies with your kitty
  28. Having a rain day without much planning? Wad up pieces of aluminum foil for an easy toy your cat will love to bat around.
  29. Make some homemade cat treats.
  30. And never forget the best way to spend a cold rainy afternoon, a good old fashioned cat nap=

What are some of your favorite fun activities or games you love to play with your cat? Leave us a comment and let us know how you and your cat like to pass the time!



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