Top 5 Leashes for Your Dog

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Making sure that walking your dog is stress free and fun is pretty important.  If you or your dog walker have to struggle with leashes when walking your pup, then chances are neither one of you is going to enjoy getting out in the fresh air as much as you should.  Daily walks are not only healthy for your dog, they’re an excellent way for us bipeds to get exercise too!

Having a good leash is key to having a good stroll. Here are some tips to finding the best leash for your family.
  1. Standard Leash – In a sea of fancy leashes, the basic leash is still a great go-to way to walk your dog. Just make sure that they don’t walk you on this leash by always being in front.  Hold them close to your side to start. Then reward them with a little slack to sniff around once they walk well with you for a few minutes.


  1. Harness Leash – This leash is just right for when you do want your dog to pull you (mostly in cases where you’re riding a bike or roller blading. Some dogs find it restraining and uncomfortable. However, it can actually be beneficial for dogs with long necks or short pushed in faces.  For them, the harness fits their body type to avoid injury and also helps their ability to breath.


  1. Slip Lead/Collar – This is the perfect leash for training a dog how to walk properly with you. However, you don’t want to use it for the long run.  Once your dog is trained up and walks well with you and your walker, then toss it in the car for to have on hand.  Just make sure to do corrections with the leash from the side to avoid potential injury to their neck.


  1. Multi-LeashIf you have more than one dog or you’re a walker with multiple dogs to walk at the same time then this is just what the doctor ordered. It’s best for dogs who are comfortable walking and don’t pull or jump too much since they are tethered together.


  1. Retractable LeashThis one is last because it’s effective and has its good points, but also has a few draw backs.  The retractable leash is popular because gives you the ability to give your dog freedom to roam. While also controlling just how much leash they have at any given moment.  Nevertheless, you have to stay vigilant about where your dog walks; making sure they don’t get too close to traffic of brush where snakes or other nefarious animals could be lurking. Also, the cord can break and fray easily causing it to be somewhat unreliable.  These are good for quick trips in out in the yard or at a pit stop while on the road. However, they’re not the best for every day walking.

There’s no doubt that one of your dog’s favorite times of the day is when it’s time for a walk. Making sure to have the best leash for them is fundamental for their safety and yours.  Try and get a leash that’s 6ft long for rural parks and neighborhoods. But opt for a shorter 4ft leash for city streets and busy parks.  Also, make sure they have reflectors on them to maximize your visibility when it’s getting dark outside.  No matter which you chose, if it feels good and facilitates a nice easy walk, then you’re probably doing it right!



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