Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Cat

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I will never forget the year my cat knocked down the Christmas tree.  Thankfully she was just fine and only a few precious ornaments were broken, but it really could have ended in disaster.  Needless to say, every year after that we’ve anchored our tree with fishing line since.  We can easily forget that our furry family members don’t always understand our holiday celebrations and can get into a bit of mischief with all the extra festoons about.  That’s why it’s good to know these safety tips to keep you cat safe this holiday season.


  1. Toys: Gifts for your cat are great, but sometimes they can actually be dangerous.  Although we all have the image of a cat and a ball of yarn in our head, it’s not the best idea.  Toys with long strings are great fun as long as you’re always there to make sure they don’t get tied up.  Cats can easily get frenzied when playing and end up tangled up or even choked in long strings.  Even though they love the sound, things with bells can be a choking hazard.  It’s best to put these toys away while you’re not home.


  1. Wires: Most of us know that iconic movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, where that poor kitty easy the wire.  Luckily that was a stunt, but the threat is all too real. Make sure to put a bitter anti-chew solution on any cords that you can’t hide.


  1. Tree Safety: Tie your tree to a wall/staircase  or hang some fishing line from the ceiling to anchor it.  Also, NO TINSEL or edible ornaments like popcorn and cranberries. The strands can get tangled around their intestines causing intestinal distress or even death. And of course, hang any dangling ornaments up high because they are basically beckoning your cat to play.


  1. Gifts: When you’re wrapping presents make sure to put the ribbon up immediately.  Just like toys with long strings, these are choking hazards.  Also, don’t wrap them with really long ribbons for the same reason.  One last safety tip for gifts is to make sure not to keep food item gifts under the tree.  Even if they are wrapped your cat could sniff out the treats and try to eat them.


  1. Refuge Room: If you’re having guests it’s a great idea to set up a room for your pet to seek refuge in.  Cats can easily try and get out while people are coming in and out, being loud and otherwise disturbing their usual peaceful house. Set them up in a room with safe toys, food and maybe even a quiet TV or radio to shelter them from the hubbub.


With all the fun and festivities of the holidays we shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of our pets.  That’s why keeping a few handy safety tips on mind will go a long way in making a happy holiday season!



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