Top 5 Apps for Pet Lovers

It’s pretty much a daily fact that we practically live on our smartphones nowadays. Our social, business, and banking information is kept neatly in our handheld device that is by our side almost 24/7. I often think that my phone is not really a phone at all, just a tiny computer with a telephone app that allows me to call out. Like most people, I use my phone more for the apps than the phone. And pet lovers can easily benefit from all of these wonderful apps to choose from. 

After all, we use our apps for all sorts of reasons; most people have ones for social media, business, or games. But here are a whole lot of other apps out there.  There are apps for counting steps and calories, or tracking stars, pretty much anything you can think of has an app that you can download. So, why not use one for your pets? There is actually a handful of pet-friendly apps out there that can help you track and train your lovers

Karla’s Top 5 Apps for Pet Lovers

  • Canine Academy:  This handy little app contains 10 videos that show you tips and how-tos for hand signals and commands.  With this application, you can easily learn how to train your pup.
  • Pet Master Pro: I know I have trouble keeping up with my pet’s paper records since they seem to only go to the vet once a year.  Now, you can keep all of your pet’s information in one easily accessible place. From vaccinations, visits, ID numbers, to weight charts, it’s all in the palm of your hand.
  • Dog Whistler: This is also another great training tool for your dog.  You can select the frequency and pulse that works best for your pup. Then you can teach your dog basic obedience as well as fancy tricks!
  • iClicker: If you’re not a fan of the whistle technique for training there is also a clicker you can download. The benefit of this app is that it works for more than just dogs. You can use it to train pretty much any pet.
  • My Dog Lite: This one is similar to the Pet Master Pro, but instead of just holding information, it gives it too. You can search for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks that are nearby.

Now that we are in the age of technology there is no reason not to include of four-legged friends while we look through the App Store. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy millennial to enjoy the benefits you can get from a few good apps. So next time you’re browsing, make sure to check out the pet-friendly section for the perfect app for pet lovers.




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