The Truth About Pet Boarding Facilities

The Truth About Pet Boarding Facilities

When we think of staying at a nice hotel, it conjures up images of a luxurious room with amenities, room service, and concierge service. Doggie hotels, pet boarding and kennel facilities know this and often play on these emotions in their marketing but the experience at pet boarding facilities is often different than we might imagine.  

What to Expect at Pet Boarding Facilities

We have come to believe that private rooms for our dogs complete with TVs, open running spaces, swimming pools and the companionship of other dogs will be a true paradise for four-legged family members.  We believe that this will ensure Fido will be happy and blissful while we’re away from them. However, pets have very different senses and behavior characteristics than humans.  Some dogs thrive in these environments, others not as much.

Perception is Not Reality

Boarding when compared to at-home pet care, could be harmful to your pet. It takes your pet out of known, comfortable surroundings and places them into an unfamiliar environment. They have little time to get used to where they are before you leave.

Hundreds of dogs have marked their spots in the boarding facility which makes new dogs feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. It’s also common that some dogs take the alpha role in boarding facilities.  They often bully or cause physical harm to other dogs to show their dominance.

Some Dogs Experience Increased Stress

Since you feed and walk your dog, you are your dog’s pack leader. When your dog is left at a boarding facility they may feel displaced, confused and lonely. Many dogs experience stress when their normal routine is changed. Consider the added stress when you change their environment and take away their trusted pack leader.

When dogs are anxious, they bark. The sound of many dogs barking at once increases stress and anxiety. This can lead to unwarranted aggression, house training regression, and social hyper-arousal. When you return home, you may need to step back and retrain to address behaviors that were developed (or forgotten) during the boarding experience.

Hidden Costs of Pet Boarding

In many facilities, the lack of exercise, the number of unfamiliar smells, and limited human contact can cause emotional stress. In addition to this stress, your dog can also be physically affected. With so many dogs packed into one environment, ticks, fleas, and airborne diseases such as kennel cough and canine influenza can affect your pooch.  These illnesses can lead to increased vet expenses.

What Makes Karla’s Pet Care, LLC Different

Karla’s Pet Care, LLC was created out of the belief that pets should be able to maintain their normal routine in the safety and comfort of their own home environment through pet sitting while their owners are away. We believe that dogs should receive three walks a day while their owners are away to keep them healthy, burn off excess energy, and get one-on-one focused attention and loving care from a professional pet sitter.

While many dogs love the socialization aspect and have no issues with being boarded, we believe at-home pet care is the best option for healthy and happy pets. Pet owners deserve to have peace of mind knowing their dog is safe and comfortable.  So, the next time you see some great marketing for a fancy pet hotel, don’t assume your dog will have the same relaxing experience that you have at a Four Seasons resort. Consider all aspects and take time to make an informed decision.  If you decide that you would like to have your pet cared for at home by a professional pet sitter, contact Karla’s Pet Care, LLC to setup an appointment.




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