The Best Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

Christmas is no doubt a wonderful time of year.  Twinkling lights, decorations, and the spirit of giving fills homes and hearts.  And underneath your tree there is a special place that’s perfect for your pet’s Christmas gifts. After all, our beloved furry family members have a special place in our hearts and so they deserve a thoughtful gift too.

  • Toys:

It’s never a bad idea to stuff their stocking with some new play toys and chews.  From cat nip play things to a new tug of war rope for the pup, your pet’s Christmas gifts can be simple but fun.  Plus, who wouldn’t love a bag of new toys as a gift!?


  • Treats:

You can buy ingredients and make your own or go to the store and buy some yummy morsels for your pet. Either way they will be over the moon with some delicious treats to eat while everyone sits down for Christmas dinner. Go big for Christmas and splurge on the nicest, healthiest treats you can find, their tummies will thank you!


  • Comforts at Home:

After eating all that extra holiday food, you know they’re going to want to tuck in for a nap.  A new bed or blanket is also a fabulous idea for full bellies and the cold winter nights to come.  The other day I was looking online at gifts and saw a self-warming bed that would make an excellent Christmas gift.  I instantly thought of my cat, I know she would love this.  She is a summer baby, as soon as the temperature dips below 60° she buries herself in the bed or on our laps to stay warm.  Also, a sweater or coat to keep them warm during walks and trips to the park is an cute and practical gift for your pet.


  • Gadgets and Goodies:

There are ton of nifty things for the pets on the market this year.  My favorite is the “Petcam,” which is a little camera that hooks right onto their collar.  You can record all the things they see and do throughout the day and laugh at their antics or just make sure they’re safe.  Bonus, you may end up with the next viral video!  Another great gadget for pets is the water fountain bowl.  It keeps the water moving and flowing so that it stays fresh.  This one I actually had for a long time and my pets absolutely loved it (that is until my husband broke it!) and I know your pets would it too.  An LED light up leash is also a fun gift for your pet and perfect now that it gets dark much earlier.  You can illuminate the area around your yard without a flash light or take them out on the town at night and show them off.

There are actually a lot of cool things that would make great Christmas gifts for your pets.  Whether it’s a simple staple or a groovy gadget, just think about their needs and lifestyle to pick out what you think is best for them. I will be stocking up on a few catnip toys and some treats for my fat cats stockings and new collars will be waiting under the tree for them too!




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