The Basics of Cat Communication

catsMost people who are familiar or are parents of cats know that cats are complex creatures. Sometimes we feel it can be hard to read between their levels of ambivalence, love and contempt. But a cat does communicate with us in various ways. And it’s not that hard to know what they are saying if you know their telltale communication signs.

The Blink

Often cats greet one another with a with a slow blink and it is their way of communicating affection. This is one of the best ways they can show you that they trust you. When you blink slowly back at your cat, that you are also aware of their presence and enjoy it. Returning the gesture will help you bond with your cat.

The Tail Tales

You can read a lot about how your cat is feeling by their tails. When it is high, it communicates confidence. If it standing straight and bushed out then they are feeling threatened. If this happens with an arched back and upright hair (think Halloween cat poses) then you know that they are on the extreme defence and you should be wary. However, if you see their tale standing up and curled, this often means they are curious. If it is curled around your legs then it is a sign of friendliness, and if it is tucked between their legs then it signals anxiousness or insecurity.

Tummy showing

Sometimes your cat will show you their tummy. But unlike dogs, it isn’t exactly an invitation for a tummy rub. While this is a show of comfort and trust, it doesn’t mean that they want you to touch them. You could easily get a claw on the arm if you try to pet their belly because they can be extra defensive in this position.

Audio Communication

Meows are usually a specific “to-human” communication. They often don’t meow to other felines after leaving the litter. If your cat is meowing at you then they probably want food, to be let in or out, or some other comfort that they desire Purring usually signals contentment, but it also happens when a cat is recovering from illness or close to death. High-pitched gurgling or chatting indicates friendliness. Growling, hissing, or spitting are typically signs that you should stay back until the cat has calmed down.

How does your cat communicate with you? We’d love to hear all about your best feline friend. And of course, if you need someone to be with them when you’re not around, our sitters are always available!





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