Poop Scooper

Poop Scooper

We will make the cleaning process easy. Your Karla’s Pet Care, LLC poop scooper team member will service your home whether you are there or not. Also, feel free to leave your dog in the yard during our visits. Our team has lots of experience with dogs and we love them a bunch so they will be in good hands. We will take great care when entering and leaving and assume your dog is in the yard, so don’t worry, those gates will be latched closed.

Using Karla’s Pet Care, LLC poop scooping services on a regular basis provides a reduction in your dog(s) and your kid’s exposure to different strains of harmful bacteria, organisms, and parasites. We love helping you keep your dog healthier and happier.

  • 1 Dog $12 Weekly
  • 2 Dogs $15 Weekly
  • 3 Dogs $17 Weekly
  • 4 Dogs $19 Weekly

1st time cleanup
Got lots of poop for pick up? Call or email us for a 1st time clean up estimate.

Have a last-minute party, BBQ, or social event? Give us a call for a one-time dog poop removal service that includes a non-toxic and environmentally safe deodorizer and neutralizer.

Yard Deodorizer and Neutralizer Spray service. Call or email for Pricing.

*Are you a Karla’s Pet Care, LLC pet sitting and/or dog walking client? You can receive a 10% discount on our poop scooping services.

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