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Pet Sitting Services

Karla’s Pet Care, LLC will provide excellent pet sitting services for your pet in your home while you are on an awesome summer vacation, visiting relatives for the holidays, or even a romantic weekend getaway or ski trip. Our pet sitters will care for your pets in your home as their own, leaving you with peace of mind.

Karla’s Pet Care, LLC sitters are trained and able to assist clients with daily help such as medication administration, sub q fluids, insulin injections, and brushing, and litter box scooping, poop scooping the yard.

Daily dog walks/potty breaks

Do you worry about your pet while you are at work?

Save yourself that worry with the help of a professional pet sitter and dog walker. Our daily walks and potty breaks can be scheduled anytime between 9am and 2pm.  When you have a long day at work you have enough to worry about, so schedule midday potty breaks or dog walking services with us! Your pup misses you during the day and they will love having the extra care they get while you are away.

Sick or Injured?

Sometimes you may be the one needing care and Karla’s Pet Care, LLC can help! Daily visits help while you’re home with an injury or illness, or even if you’re away for doctor visits and hospital stays.  You can focus on getting healthy again by letting us take care of your pet and lending a hand with our other services.

Bonus Services:

Although your pet is our main focus, we can help do a few light housekeeping tasks with no extra charge.

  • Watering a few plants (We can do lots of plants for an extra charge)
  • You don’t even have to stop the mail. Just leave the mailbox key on the counter for us and we will get it for you
  • Bring in newspapers
  • Take garbage can to curb and back for trash day
  • Provide updates via email with pics upon request


We all love our pets, however, when the time comes to say goodbye Karla’s Pet Care, LLC can help. Making the decision to put your precious pet to sleep is heartbreaking. Karla’s Pet Care, LLC will be there every step of the way and even meet you and your pet at the vet for that last visit.

Call Karla’s Pet Care, LLC today and discover how we can make your life easier and your pet’s life happier!

Karla's Pet Care, LLC Poop Scooper

Poop Scooper

We will make the cleaning process easy. Your Karla’s Pet Care, LLC poop scooper team member will service your home whether you are there or not. 

Client Portal System

Our clients have access to our state-of-the-art client portal system. Clients are able to make reservations, payments, update information on details and pets, communicate with their sitters and best of all receive updates and pictures after ever visit.   

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