Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Road trips can be tons of fun. Add your canine best friend and it just gets better. However, before you hit the road with your pet, make sure you’re traveling safely. Nothing ruins a good road trip quicker than accidents or tragedy.

Here are our top safety tips for any trip you have planned in the future.

The Dangers:

  • Free range – It is never safe to let your pet run wild in the car, even with a passenger to help. Most accidents are caused when the driver is distracted. More than that, they can jump out or even get lost in an accident.
  • Sitting in your lap – Even on your lap with a tight leash, your pet is at danger. It’s easy to think that your pet is always safe in your arms, but in a moving vehicle that’s simply not true. There is always a chance they will try and dive out of the window. Or they could cause you to wreck due to their over excitement or anxiety.  
  • Head out of the window – This one can be the scariest and the most common. Even though it can seem like the quintessential dog experience; hanging their head out of the window is a great danger. A rock has the force to crack your thick glass windshield, a branch can break your mirrors. If you want give them some fresh air, it is best to open the window next to their secured seat only enough to stick their nose out. Luckily our pets have great senses. They don’t need to stick their hold head out of the window to gain a sense of the world outside of the car.

Keeping Them Safe:

  • Tight leash and bed – While they do make some travel beds and cozy seats for you pet, it’s not too hard to make one yourself for the back seat. Take a regular bed and cut slits on each side for the seat belt to go through. Then secure your dog’s leash tightly to the belt. Just make sure they have enough room to stand up and turn around.
  • Doggy Harness – Another great option is a pet car seat harness. This can allow you pet to ride safely in any seat in the car just like a regular safely riding passenger. It’s basically an extension to your seat belt that straps your dog in securely.
  • Secured Crate – Secured crates are better for the car sick or anxious pet. There is a lot going on in a car, especially for a pet. All of the sights, sounds, smells, it can be a little overwhelming to some. That’s why tucking them in safely in a crate with familiar blankets and toys may be the safest. Plus, if you were to be in an accident, they’d be as safe as possible.
  • Car Sickness – Other than safety, car sickness is another big hazard of pet travel. Even if your dog gets nauseated in the car, there are times that you want your dog on the family vacation or even have to take them to the vet. You can purchase car sickness meds and make sure to have towels, wipes and plenty of water on hand.

Traveling with your dog can be a wonderful experience. They are there by your side enjoying the open road and seeing new things (or smelling new smells). That’s why it’s always best to take safety seriously. And if there’s ever a time you need to leave you pet at home, don’t hesitate to give us a call for our pet sitting and dog walking services! 



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