Why Choosing Karla’s Pet Care’s Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service is Better than Hiring a Relative or Neighbor

professional pet sitting

Going out of town can be expensive.  Even for business trips there can be a lot of out of pocket expenses that add up.  That’s why a lot of people turn to their family or neighbors to check up on their pets while they are away. In fact, a lot of people think that it’s fine to save money by not hiring a professional pet sitter. However, even though it can be easy on your wallet, it is certainly not always easy on your pet.

Here are just a few reasons professional pet sitting is always the best bet.

  • It’s our job 

    We put your pet’s needs first. It is our sole purpose to make sure that the pets in our care are our first priority.  When you have a friend say check on your pet, sadly, they often do it whenever they can fit it into their day. Sometimes they forget, over sleep, or over commit. They may even have an actual emergency themselves that takes precedence over your pets care.  A professional pet sitter will never be late or not show up.  Even in case of an emergency we have back up sitters in place. We are here to make sure your pet is cared for.

  • We give extra TLC 

    If the unthinkable happens and your pet falls ill, we have experience. Our sitters are trained, ensuring your pet is taken care of properly. Neighbors and friends do not always know the signs and symptoms that need to be checked out right away.  Unfortunately, sometimes pet illness can escalate far more quickly than you think And sometimes they may need to see a vet right away.  Our pet sitters are trained to know symptoms that should not be ignored, or “waited out.”  We also make sure to take time to play with your pets and take them out for walks when needed.  We spend ample time with your pet giving them much needed interaction while you’re away.

  • We can also do light house sitting tasks  

    Sometimes asking a neighbor to get your mail leads to also asking them to watch your pets or water your plants. But we can do that too!  Our pet sitters will come and clean up any messes your pets make. All while gathering the mail and watering plants that need it.

professional pet sittingSo, why skimp when it comes to the care of your loved one?  It’s easy to think that your neighbor or relative can just come by to check up on the fur-babies with no problem, but in reality that’s just not the best option. Even with the best intentions, friends and neighbors usually can’t provide the level of devotion a pet sitter can. Saving a few dollars won’t save you the worry of whether or not your neighbor made it over to your house. Give your pets the best and yourself some peace of mind at the same time by hiring a professional pet sitter.

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