Pet Safety During the Holidays

Pet Safety During the Holidays

The Christmas season is upon us and it truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’s a time we feel thankful and humbled. A time to spend gathering with friends and family. But it is also the time of hidden holiday dangers.

Here’s a list of some of the hidden dangers to watch out for this holiday season.

Family and friends coming in the house

If your pet does not do well with large groups of strangers, let your pets have a nice break in a quiet place with a healthy treat. Even pets that love company can take advantage of the situation by running out an open door or stealing non-pet friendly foods from guests. Make sure your guests know what food is okay for your pet to eat. Also, if they seem tired

Tinsel and ornaments

As cute as it is to watch your kitten climb the Christmas tree, keep an eye out for ornaments that can be eaten or easily broken. If you have a curious cat forgo the tinsel for the year. Cats love to chew on string-like items and due to the barbs on their tongues they cannot always spit them out, forcing them to swallow that shiny piece of trouble. If you have a dog that likes to play with ornaments, put them a little higher on the tree.

Food items

We, humans, love our holiday treats and we want our pets to enjoy the holiday cheer as much as we do. Be sure to give treats in moderation and avoid these dangerous yummy items:

– Chocolate – Chocolate, especially baking chocolate is trouble for all pets. Something to keep in mind is that all animals handle chocolate differently so if your pet gets some call your emergency clinic for advice.

– Fat and bones – What dog does not dream about stealing the turkey off the counter? Cooked bones are huge problems for pets as the bones can splinter and the fragments can puncture your pet’s insides. Fat and grease can cause terrible digestion problems and in large quantities can require hospitalization. If you would not eat it, neither should your pet.

– Bread dough – Baking is wonderful but bread dough contains yeast with can expand in a dog’s stomach, causing all sorts of trouble.

– Grapes and raisins – Raisins are often included in holiday baking and many pet owners do not know that grapes and raisins are just as toxic as chocolate. Even though they seem healthy, get a good dog bone instead.

Holiday plants

We do love our beautiful holiday plants but be wary of leaving them accessible to your pets. Holly, mistletoe and poinsettias are particularly dangerous and tend to be front and center in our holiday decorations. Sometimes moving a plant or bringing in a new one can peak the interest of the most disinterested plant. So, when bringing home these favorites keep an eye on your pets and move the plants out of reach.


All sorts of bad things go in the trash and your dog is just waiting for you to get distracted and set down the trash bag. Because then, party time! Make sure all trash is secured and make sure it makes it outside to the bin.


Keep in mind the candles smell like candy and cookies and can entice your pet to take a quick peek at the flame. This can easily turn into melted whiskers, burns, or even worse, a full-blown fire. Keep any candles out of reach your pets or opt for the battery operated kind.

Wrapping paper and ribbons

Ribbons are favorite toys for cats as long as they do not swallow them. If you are unsure if your dog will behave, keep the presents tucked away when unsupervised. Make sure your kitty will not chew the ribbons off the packages!

Keep these holiday pet dangers in mind and enjoy your holiday season. No one wants to take a trip to the emergency clinic over the holiday season. If you have concerns about something your pet has gotten into do not hesitate to call them or take a trip to the vet if needed.



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