New Year’s Resolutions to Make with Your Pet

Soon it will be 2022. I don’t know about you guys, but this year went incredibly fast. It’s been an amazing year. However, I think next year can be even more amazing. Each year we’re supposed to strive for more, sometimes we fail and hopefully, sometimes we succeed. They say dedication is easier when you have team up. And who is more faithful than our four-legged friends?

That’s why this New Year’s, you should make your resolutions with a real accountability partner, your pet. Do things that benefit you both while enjoying the time you have together. Here are a few resolutions we’ve been thinking about this year…

  • Try a new activity

You can always teach a dog a new trick! Work on a new trick or activity with your pet. Cycling, skating, obstacle courses are all fun things to start with your dogs!

  • Standing dates at the park

Get out your calendar and make standing park dates with your dog. It’s not too hard to pencil in one of your best friends into your agenda. Make sure to etch out a spot every week for park time with your furry-friend.

  • Measure their food (and yours too!)

Health starts in every day life. We all eat a little too much at times. That’s why a great resolution is to start to measure food for both you and your pet. Looks can be deceiving and we can often eat more than we intend. Measuring your pet’s food, as well as your own, can help add quantity and quality to your life.

Do you have resolutions for you and your pet? If so let us know in the comments below!



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