National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day is celebrated by giving your feline extra love and attention — whether by devoting more time to your cat, having a backyard picnic, preparing homemade treats, or just snuggling with your kitty. Some studies have even shown that hugging an animal can actually lower a human’s blood pressure. It’s good for your kitty, and it’s good for you too! 

In celebration of National Hug Your Cat Day on June 4, 2020, we are giving you some tips on how to hug your cat.

  1. Get to know your cat’s temperament. Before attempting to hug your cat, get to know your cat’s temperament. Not all cats enjoy a lot of physical contact and could scratch or bite if hugged. Make sure your cat is the affectionate type before attempting a hug.
  2. Learn about cat body language. Even a warm and affectionate cat will lash out when frightened. Take some time to learn about cat body language so you can gauge when a cat is in a positive mood.
  3. See how your cat responds to being picked up. Even friendly and affectionate cats might resist being picked up. Cats tend to be more independent animals and often resist feeling confined. However, cats who’ve lived with young children are often used to being carried around and will allow it. If a cat does not like being held, she might thrash or squirm in your arms. You might still be able to hug a cat who dislikes being picked up, but you’ll have to do so without holding her.
  4. Allow your cat to come to you. You should never sneak up a cat to hug her. You should also not bother your cat when she’s sleeping, playing, or eating. Allow your cat to come to you. Sit in the same room as your cat and wait until she decides she wants your attention. When your cat comes up to you and begins purring and pawing at you, it’s safe to hug her.
  5. Pet your cat first. Do not go straight into the hug. This can be jarring for a cat. Spend a few moments petting your cat before hugging her.
  6. Hug your cat. Once your cat seems calm and happy, you can try to hug her. Do so slowly and if your cat seems aggravated stop.

Ok, so your cat wasn’t too excited about the hug.  There are other ways you can show your affection.

Brush your cat. Cats enjoy being brushed. It helps keep their fur free of dirt and debris. Cats also may enjoy the sensation of brushing as it itches places they cannot reach with their paws. Hard to reach spots, like the back of your cat’s neck or under her chin, might occasionally need a gentle brushing to keep these areas free of mats. You can get a cat brush at a local pet store.

Pet your cat. Most cats enjoy being petted. If your cat dislikes being picked up, you can show affection by petting her each day.

Play with your cat. Cats of all ages enjoy playtime. Most cats need 15 to 20 minutes of play time each day.

If your cat doesn’t appear to like any of these, then you probably just have an independent cat who prefers to be left alone.  If that’s the case, maybe you can celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day by giving your cat some extra treats. 

If you need help with cat care, be sure to contact Karla’s Pet Care, Elk Grove pet sitting.  We are always ready to give your cat a hug or just provide food, water and scoop the litter box.




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