National Dog Week

Dog lovers unite, National Dog Week is coming up. The last week of September each year is dedicated to our beloved canine companions. And it’s a great time to celebrate our best fur-friends. After all, they are always there to celebrate us every time we walk in the door. To help you get some inspiration for this happy week we have the top 5 ideas of how to make your dog happy during this special week.national dog week

1. Take them for a day of fun 

Pack up the car and head for the local bark park. Then head to the local pet shop to buy them some special toys or a treat.

2. Make them a delicious dinner

Instead of their usual fair of dry dog food, why not prepare them a special meal of their own? Check out these 20 ideas for homemade dinners just for your dog!

3. Give them a special grooming session

You don’t have to take them to the groomer for this one and your dog will love it. Get a nice brush and spend some quality time brushing out their coat and giving them some love.

4. Have a “doggy” movie night

Cuddle up on the couch with some great dog-friendly movies like Max, Air-Bud, Benji, Homeward Bound or one of your own favorites.

5. Bake them some homemade treats

Whether you make them special treats or even their own cake, your dog is sure to appreciate a little something extra during National Dog Week.

As pet parents, we don’t really need a special week to spoil our dogs, but it’s never bad to have an extra reason to celebrate them. Our dogs are always happy to see us, ready to give us cuddles and reassurance. No matter how good or bad our day has been, our dogs give us unconditional love, so make sure to do something special for them too.




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