Have A Safe Memorial Day with Your Pets – Tips From Karla

Memorial DayIt’s almost time for the unofficial kick off to summer, Memorial Day weekend. This is a perfect time to get some QT with your pet, but there are a few precautions you need show know. It’s always good to play for an avoidable unplanned trip to the emergency vet this weekend.

  • Keep them hydrated:

In the warm weather dogs can easily get dehydrated. Be sure that you always have plenty of fresh water for your pet whether you are going to the beach, the pool or simply enjoying a park with your best friend. Don’t rely on getting their water from ponds, streams and lakes which can contain parasites.

  • Avoid the insect repellent:

As much as you want to protect your pet from insects, skip putting repellent on them. Insect repellent was made for humans, not your pets. They could potentially lick it off causing them to ingest the harmful chemicals.

  • Resist the table scraps:

 I know it i hard to resist giving your cute dog a scrap from the grill when cooking, but those scraps can cause an upset stomach. If you want Fido to enjoy some of the food festivities make them their own treats to enjoy.

  • Lakes and Pools:

Don’t leave your pet unsupervised around lakes, ponds or pools. Make sure to supervise them as you would a child when you’re swimming. If you’ve been in a pool, it’s always best to rinse the chlorine out of their fur. And if you’re going on a boat make sure they have a their own life vest too. 

  • Fire Works:

Many pets are scared of fireworks so be sure that your pet is in a secure place.  A thunder shirt can help with their anxiety as well as turning on the TV or other sounds device to try to drown out the fireworks.  DO NOT leave your dog in the backyard when fireworks are going off.  If scared enough, they will be tempted to flee either over the fence, under the fence or through the fence.  Also, be sure that all your pets have a collar with your name and phone number on it, even if they are micro chipped.  Remember, many vets will be closed this weekend so even if your dog is  micro chipped, it could be Tuesday before their is a vet available to scan your pet.

And if you’re going to be out of town make sure to contact us and schedule pet sitting services!




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