How to Prepare for a Kitten

KittenSpring is the season of the kitten. The shelters are usually overwhelmed with kittens are this time of year. And chances are you probably have at least one person you know offering a free kitten to a good home. However, once you decide to get a cat or kitten there are a few tips to know to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Naturally, the first thing you need to do is stock up on provisions for kitty! You are going to need a litter pan, food, tags and a few toys. Cats are pretty good at learning how to use a litter, it’s like a part of their DNA to want to use the same spot for the bathroom and cover it up. After only a week or so, your new kitty should acclimate to their litter pretty quickly.

You’re also going to need to get appropriate food for your new little fur baby. They have different types of food depending on age and whether or not they are indoor or outdoor. Check with your vet to see which food is best for your pet.

Another important supply for your new cat is a collar and tag. Even if they are going to be indoors, it’s good for them to have tags in case they get let out accidentally (which does happen no matter how hard you try).

Lastly, you’re going to want to get a few toys for your new cat. You don’t have to go all out on this one, just a few simple things will do. Most cats like string toys that you can pull and they chase and one good catnip filled toy that they can knock around. They often favorite one or two toys so you really don’t need to get too many for them to be happy.


Kitty proofing is equally important. It doesn’t take a whole lot to kitty proof a few areas of your home, but it’s definitely a good idea. Check for cables that they could chew on or get strangled in. Also, check for small items that they could eat or choke on. Make sure to get rid of strings and rubber bands, cats can eat them and then they can tie around the intestine track which can cause serious complications.

One last important aspect of the kitty home is a comfy place to nap and rest. Cats are pretty good at napping anywhere, but if you could get a little box and line it with a soft blanket there’s a good chance that they will absolutely love it.

Wellness Check:

It is essential to get your new kitty to the vet within the first few weeks. They are going to need a check-up and vaccinations. They may also need medicine or de-worming. I remember when I got my cat, Neka, some years ago, she was only a few months old and sadly she had some trauma from her previous litter. This caused her to have an overload of bacteria and it made her sick. Taking her to the vet first thing made all the difference in helping her get back to healthy as soon as possible.

A new cat is a great addition to your family. For the most part, they are furry little snuggle puffs that add nothing but love to your household. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help caring for your new kitten while you are at work! Our sitters would be happy to give them all the snuggles and TLC they need during the day when you’re not available.

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