What does Karla’s Pet Care Dog Walkers in Elk Grove do?

Ever wonder exactly what Karla’s Pet Care Elk Grove Dog Walker’s do all day? And the answer is…LOTS OF STUFF!  As professional dog walker’s don’t just walk your dog and leave; we take pride in our relationships with our paw clad clients. Our wonderful team of pet sitters and walkers not only love animals, but are armed with knowledge and training, giving you confidence that your dog is in the best care.

Our daily walks and potty breaks are available to be scheduled anytime between 9am and 2pm.

What We Do During a Visit:

  • Make sure you dog gets adequate exercise and interaction.
  • Fill up food and water bowls.
  • Our pet sitters are well-trained with all types of breeds and temperaments. 
  • We can even bring in your mail or the trash can.
  • Administer medicine during our dog walking visit.
  • We clean up after your pet if there are any messy and of course we scoop after potty breaks!
  •  And if you’re a little anxious about leaving your pet all day, we can even take pictures and e-mail them to you.

 As you can see,  Karla’s Pet Care dog walkers in Elk Grove do everything we can to give your dog the exercise and TLC they need and you peace of mind until you get home to them. From potty breaks and belly rubs, to tidying up and tending needs, we are here for you.

Call Karla’s Pet Care Dog Walkers in Elk Grove today to find out about all of our dog walking and pet sitting services. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have for us.

Don’t forget to learn more about our wonderful dog walker’s at Karla’s Pet Care

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