Falling Back and How the Time Change Affects Pets

It’s time to Fall Back and change our clocks back from daylight savings time to standard time. Many of us are looking forward to the extra hour of sleep, but at the same time dreading the early evenings. It can be hard adjusting to the sun setting before you’re even home from work. One advantage that we do have is we understand what’s going on and have some concept of why (even if we don’t like it). Our pets on the other hand don’t have a clue.

All of a sudden you’re getting up when the sun is brighter. Instead of cooking dinner while it is still light outside, dinner is now had in the dark. Our domesticated animals thrive on our routines. They take note of when we rise, when we retire, and especially when we eat. That’s why it’s no surprise that our pets can be affected by the time change too.

Exactly How Does Time Chance Affects Our Pets?

  • Morning walks may take some getting used to
  • Accidents may happen too
  • Meals could be left uneaten for some time
  • There may be more or less barking
  • Sleep patterns may be disrupted

How to You Can Help:

  • Know that you may still have to wake up earlier the first few days to avoid accidents.
  • Be patient and understanding in during walks
  • Try to slowly acclimate them by slowly changing your schedule in 15 minute increments
  • Keep a fluid schedule during the whole year instead of a set time for meals and walks. Keep them around the same time (within the hour) but change it up when you can.

Our pets aren’t the only ones affected by the time change. Birds who’ve grown used to silence until a certain hour will notice the sounds of humanity starting and declining at different times in the day. This means your walk could have a different feel the first couple of days, leaving your dog even more confused than before. Being patient and trying to slowly break them into the new times and routine is key.

Luckily, the confusion and “jet lag” doesn’t last long. Our pets are resilient and will soon fall right back into their groove. What experiences do you have with your pets and time change? Let us know in the comments below!




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