How to Keep Your Pet Safe on New Year’s Eve

New Year's EveIt is almost time to ring in the New Year. As we the holidays come to a close we start to wrap our minds around getting back to the daily grind. But thankfully before that happens we have one last holiday to celebrate, New Year’s Eve. And while we’re looking forward to this last hoorah of the holidays, it is one of the least favorites for our pets.

Why do our pets dislike New Year’s Eve so much?

  • Parties with lots of guests – Pets can easily get flustered when their home is full of tons of strangers and loud music.
  • Fireworks – We may love to light up the sky with the twinkling booms of fireworks, but our pets…not so much. Fireworks are scary to pets and can cause them to go into panic mode.
  • Changing weather and decorations – Just as soon as our pets are getting used to the holiday decorations, we start to take them down. What’s worse is that the weather is getting colder. Being outside isn’t as fun as it was a few weeks ago, leaving them a little stir crazy.

How to help keep them safe:

  • Keep them indoors – If your pet usually stays outdoors, then New Year’s Eve is the perfect night to bring them in. Or, you can set them up a shelter in a safe shed or garage. Did you know that animal shelters fill up on New Year’s Day? Lost dogs run away from their homes because fireworks scared them and caused them to bolt.
  • Update ID’s – In case your pet does flee during a party or fireworks, having updated tags and microchips will help get them back to you as fast as possible.
  • Set up a quiet room – Whether you are going out or having a party at home, set your pet up in a comfortable and quiet area. A lot of pets become nervous during the festivities of the New Year. Put them in a bedroom or laundry room with their bed, blankets, some treats & toys, plus food and water. Then, turn the radio or the TV on low to drown out the fireworks and music. This will help them feel safe and cozy during this confusing night.

We all want to start the New Year off with a bang and with the promise of a happier year. Making sure our pets are safe will always be a piece of that. How do you spend New Year’s Eve with your pet? What tips and tricks do you use to keep them calm and safe? Comment below with your ideas!





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