How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs live life through their noses, so what could be more fun than having your own Easter egg hunt for dogs? Of course, bunny ears should be included if you can get your dog to wear them.

You can throw a big event and invite all your puppy’s best pals over for a large-scale hunt, or you can keep things quiet with just the family included. It’s up to you. Either way, you probably want to know what makes a dog Easter egg hunt for dogs fun. First things first: NO CHOCOLATE. Chocolate is toxic for dogs and no amount is safe for them.

Where to Hold the Doggie Easter Egg Hunt

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, where should you hold your Easter egg hunt for dogs? The location will probably largely depend on the weather. Ideal outdoor places could include:

  • in a backyard
  • a park
  • a beach setting.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you could host a smaller group indoors and hide less “fragrant” treat-filled eggs.

What Kind of Eggs Should You Hide?

After you’ve chosen your location, the next thing to consider is what kind of eggs to hide. Smelly treats, bits of hot dog or bacon, and small chunks of chicken or cheese can all fit easily into plastic eggs and since they have a strong smell dogs are likely to find them. You can also hide treats that don’t have as strong of a smell, for advanced noses. 

Try to find the largest eggs you can, and those that have connected halves would be the safest. You don’t want the dogs to swallow plastic as they are eating the treat.

Also, try to find plastic eggs that have small holes in them, or, if you’re feeling especially industrious, you can drill a tiny hole in each egg yourself to leak the scent of the treat hidden inside. 

Plastic Egg Alternatives

Instead of plastic, you could use boiled eggs for your hunt. Boiled eggs are a healthy treat for most dogs, and that includes the shell, but if you’re worried you can peel them first, then dye them. Just make sure any dye used to color the eggs is non-toxic.

There are plenty of organic and natural dyes out there to choose from. You can even make your own. A word of caution should you use boiled eggs for your Easter egg hunt; make sure you remember where you hide them all. You don’t want a surprise in early June when your dog eats a forgotten egg in the yard and develops stomach ache, or worse, runs into the house with his coat covered in slimy rolled-in rotten egg.

Safety First

At any Easter egg hunt for dogs, it’s a good idea to have guests keep their dogs on-leash to help them crack the eggs open or keep them from over-eating. Most important though is to prevent fingers from getting nipped and keep aggression from breaking out between guests who might lay claim to the same egg.  We wouldn’t want a fight to break out on a holiday.

Make it Fun for Everyone

If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt for dogs party with various-sized dogs, and you’re worried not everyone will get to participate, you can attach helium balloons to eggs and mark them “For Small Guests Only,” or “For Seniors Only” for example, so these pups won’t feel left out or get run over. 

You could also divide the party space into designated areas and separate the dogs by size, or have them hunt in shifts, to make the hunt less chaotic.

Make it Tricky

For extra fun, you could tie a hot dog or smelly treat on a string and drag it around the party space before the hunt, to throw your guests off their game. Hiding the eggs is a fun way to stimulate your dog and his guests, and the trickier you get when hiding the treats, the more fun and challenging it will be to find the eggs.

Baskets & Party Favors

You can prepare baskets ahead of time stuffed with additional treats and Easter-themed toys to hold your guests’ remaining eggs after they’ve eaten a few.

However you plan your Easter egg hunt for dogs, whether it’s in a group with his doggy daycare friends, or with just his pet sitter or family, don’t forget to bring the camera! And above all, have fun. Happy Easter!

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