How Often Should I Give My Dog a Bath?

It’s great being greeted at the door by your beloved fur baby, but when you’re met with a cloud of odor that rivals Pig Pen’s, then the greeting may not be so welcome. And that’s when you realize, it may be time to give you dog a bath. But just how often should you give your dog a bath?

As with most things, it does depend on the breed, their coat, as well as the time of year. There are a few good rules of thumb for bathing your dog. No matter your dog’s breed you can figure out what the best routine is for them. 

In general most dogs do well with a bath once a month.

Dogs with smooth short haired coats (think beagles) or water repellent coats (retrievers and labs), can take a bath once a month and still have a nice coat. These dogs have natural oils that will be stripped if they are bathed too often.

Some some, like Basset Hounds, have an oily coat and need to be bathed more often. These dogs can benefit from baths as frequently as once a week.

What is interesting is that dogs with thick undercoats actually benefit from fewer baths and more frequent brushing. This stimulates the oil and helps keep their furry coat from drying out while still detangling their knots.

Why shouldn’t I bathe them too often?

When you over bathe your dog they can end up with dry flaky skin and lackluster fur. As long as your dog doesn’t spend too much time swimming or jumping in puddles then try to bath them a little as necessary. This will ensure that their coat stays as healthy as possible. 

Bath time is not always easy. Stayed tuned next week for the tips on how the give your dog a bath with ease. Or check out the best grooming options in Elk Grove!


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