Things to Do For Easter with Your Pets in Elk Grove

Flowers are in bloom and the temperatures are starting to warm. The beautiful season of spring is here. Not only is it spring break for some schools, but Easter is also just around the corner. It’s a perfect time to plan a visit with family or simply get away to the beach. And of course it’s a perfect time to have an Easter Egg hunt!

Hound-tastic Egg Hunts

If your dog is social, take them to a dog-friendly Easter Egg hunt like the one the hold at Petsmart!  Easter Fun for Every Bunny at PetSmart Elk Grove.

If your dog isn’t exactly cut out for crowded activities, don’t worry. You can host their very own egg hunt at your house or in your yard.

  • Place super fragrant and delicious treats in plastic eggs, supervise this activity to make sure they don’t eat the plastic
  • If your dog loves to chew and chomp, opt for tennis balls cut with a large slit instead of eggs
  • Include a Kong for the “grand prize” Easter Egg if you have one
  • Scatter them around your house or yard
  • Let them have fun finding all the yummy treats!

Adorable Easter Treats & Toys






It’s always good to include your pet during a holiday, even if you’re going to be out of town. Make sure to celebrate with them a little bit before heading out for a vacation or family visit. And don’t forget to sign up for pet sitting and dog walking services! Even if you’re just going on a long day trip, they’ll really love (and benefit) having someone coming over to walk them and give them a little TLC.

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