Top 3 Halloween Safety for Your Pets

We hope everyone is having fun preparing for this spooktacular Halloween season and our Furr-oicious Costume Contest!

There is no doubt that Halloween is a frightfully delightful time of the year. With spooky decor, promises of candy, costume parties and more, what’s not to love, right? However, for our pets it can be a little bit more frightful than delightful. Follow these Halloween safety tips to make sure your pets aren’t too freaked out by the freaky celebrations. And keep our pets safe and happy this October!

Halloween Safety Basics:

  • Keep candy & party food hidden away – I’ll never forget the time my dog got into my Halloween candy as a kid. Not only was I devastated, we were so scared that Higgins would get sick. Thankfully he was okay, ,but it is no secret that chocolate is bad for dogs. More than that excess sugar, table scraps from parties can also cause gestational distress. Plus, any sugar free treats containing xylitol can actually be fatal to your pets. Play it safe and stow away any treats far from your pets reach.
  • Give them a safe space – Any time the door bell rings our pets get a little stressed out. However, when it goes off constantly for a few hours, it can be maddening. Throw in the fact that groups of high pitched children yell every time you open it your pets are probably pretty freaked out. Set them up a quiet area away from the door to calm their nerves. Turn the TV or radio on low to drown out the noise, give them some treats and toys. Even if they are staying inside make sure to leave their tags on in case they try (and succeed) in making an escape.
  • Practice costume safety – Be aware of choking hazards such as beads and ribbons Do not leave you pet unattended in the costume. Also, check for signs of anxiety or stress while they are dressed up or out with the family trick or treating. Avoid costumes that restrict movement or don’t fit with tags .

October 31st will be here soon. People everywhere will be celebrating the fearfully fantastic holiday. With these Halloween safety tips for our pets, we can make sure that everyone has a good time.

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