Top 5 Ways To Be Active With Your Pet

Getting active and staying active can be two totally different things. It can be hard to think of ways to keep up the pace and maintain resolutions to stay in motion.

Here are 5 great ways to get active with your pet:

  1. Walk/Jog:  Kick your walks up a notch with bursts of jogging.  Interval training has actually been touted as one of the best was to torch calories.  Jog until you can’t jog any longer, then walk some more, after you’ve recouped your breath, give it another go.  The best part of this is that you can do a little or as much jogging as you want, but either way you and your dog are melting away those biscuits!
  2. Agility Training:  Have a blast in the backyard by setting up a fun obstacle course for your dog.  Get some rods or cones to weave in and out of, blocks for jumps and maybe even spring for a little vinyl tunnel for them to crawl through.  Show them how to do and then take turns racing through the course.
  3. Flyball: Get a few friends together and play a fun game of Flyball!  This fun sport is a great way to incorporate fun and fitness into your weekends.  Learn all about how you can start this awesome game here, What Is Flyball?
  4. Extreme Fetch:  Sure a nice leisurely game of fetch with your dog is nice, but what about dialing up the intensity a bit?  Run and dive with them, try and get the ball first then chuck it back and do it again.  Not only are you bonding with your dog, you’re both getting some great exercise.
  5. Sign up for a 5k:  Find a local dog-friendly fundraising 5k and sign up!  Don’t worry if you and your dog aren’t avid runners, most of these are walk/runs where you can go at your own pace.  However, it doesn’t hurt to amp up your walking game a little in the weeks prior to get your ready.  In fact, this is a great motivator to get you out and moving.  Every time you see that date on your calendar, you will me more likely to fit in some fun exercises with your dog to prepare.

One of the best parts of getting in a fitness routine with your dog is that they won’t flake on you!  They are always ready to go, full of energy that is contagious.  So, what is your favorite way to get active with your pet? Let us know!




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