Top 7 Father’s Day Gifts from the Dog

Don’t forget to include your canine family member in the Father’s Day gift giving this year! Whether you’ve got only fur-children, or both furry and human kids alike, he’s sure to love a little something extra from his best bud. After all, there is never a bad time to shower the ones we love with gifts from the whole family. Here are some “paw-some” ideas that you for Dad from your dog.


1.) Dad’s Best Friend T-Shirt

Father's Day

Let Dad show off the love for his best friend with this fun t-shirt.

2.) Best “Doggone” Dad PJ Set

Father's Day

Dad can watch Sunday sport in comfortable style with this great Dog Dad PJ set.

3.) Dog Dad Coffee Mug

Father's Day

Early mornings letting the dog out and getting the paper, followed by a nice cup of coffee in this mug Dad is sure to love.

4.) The “Paw-fect” sign for his man-cave

Father's Day

Dad sets the rules in the man cave.


5.) Star Wars “I am your Father” T-Shirt

Father's Day

Dad can show off his love for his dog and for Star Wars all in one shirt.

6.) Tennis Ball Launching Gun

Father's Day

Both Dad and Fido will both love playing with this super cool Komando tennis ball launcher.

7.) Best Dog Dad Ever Personalized Picture Frame

Father's Day

Show the fur-baby love to Dad with this sweet picture frame of him and his precious pooch.


No matter what you, Dad is sure to love a little surprise from the dog. After all, dog is man’s best friend, right? Do you have a favorite Father’s Day tradition? Let us know what your family does in the comments below or on our Facebook page!





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