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The New Year is here, 2016 has been rung in and resolutions have been made.  If you’re like me, one of those resolutions usually has something to do with being healthier and getting more exercise.  They say that exercising with a buddy is always the best way to stick with it in the long run.  And exercising with your dog is probably one of the best habits you can acquire this New Year.


Riding a Bike:  This one may seem daunting at first, but it is really a great way to start exercising with your dog. All it takes is a little bit of exposure and conditioning; soon your dog will get acquainted with and learn to love it. Start by walking your dog with the bike, then slowly beginning riding the bike while holding their leash. This is a great exercise for humans and furry friends alike, but it is especially beneficial for really energetic dogs. If your dog has some hyper active tendencies, exercising with them is a great way to exert their energy in a positive way.

Jogging: A simple jog with your dog is an easy and fantastic way to get exercise with your dog.  We’re built to run and so are dogs.  If you’re new to jogging, start slow and start with power walking, then work up to short bursts of jogging or running. Interval training is actually thought to be even more beneficial of a work out, so even just a few spurts of power walking or jogging is good for you and your dog. Soon you will both be sprinting to the finish line!
Play catch:  There is a really neat gadget out there called the Chuck It throw toy, you can throw a ball twice your usual range without the shoulder pain or slobber. The Chuck It toy is perfect for games of catch in the yard or at the park. Chuck the ball, throw the Frisbee or other favorite toy and run after it for an afternoon and you have yourself a workout without the work.


Hiking:  To me hiking is the bee knees of exercise.  The changing elevations are great for cardio and muscle strengthening, plus you’re usually hiking to a beautiful vista or grove which is a great incentive to get out there and move!


No matter what you chose, the most important part of getting exercise with your dog is just getting out there and doing something active.  If you and your dog are mostly couch potatoes, make sure to start easy, don’t bite of more than either of you can chew in one day.  Another great safety tip is to never wrap their leash around your wrist during any exercise, this could cause injury for both of you. Make sure to wear any appropriate hear (helmets, pads, etc) and get plenty of water.  At the end of the day all that matters is that you’re on a healthier path for you and your beloved fur baby.



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