What Can I Do if I Find a Dog Locked in a Hot Car?

The dog days of summer are here, heat is oppressive and it can be dangerous. The temperatures in Elk Grove have been pushing 100º which is never fun. So, imagine this: you’re out in this heat, running errands, sweating even with the AC on; as get out of your parked car you notice the car next to you. There is a dog locked in the car, windows rolled up, tongue out panting with pleading eyes.

What do you do? And legally, what can you do?

Your first instinct will be to break the window and break the window. Yes, it’s instinct, but you could be facing property damage charges. There is a proposed “Hot Dog Bill” in Sacramento that would allow you to rescue a dog after verifying there is no other option. If this bill passes you will be legally allowed to break a window to save the dog. Unfortunately right now, according to California State Law, only officers can break a window to free a trapped dog. .

What To Do if You See a Dog in a Hot Car

  • Note the car’s make, model, and license plate
  • Go into the nearby businesses and notify staff to make an announcement
  • When the owner is no where to be found, contact the non-emergency police line or animal control and wait for them to arrive.
  • Keep the dog conscious by talking to them through the window

It can seem like your helpless when this happens, but you’re not. These steps can help save a life.

Despite all of the warnings, some people are still not aware of just how dangerous cars can be. Even with windows cracked and in mild heat they can be deadly within just a few minutes.

According to PETA, the temperature in a parked car can reach 160º or above within minutes. This happens even if with the windows cracked.

The heat in Elk Grove can be dangerous. Even more so in a car which acts as a veritable oven. It can only take a minute to save a life. When you witness a dog in a hot car contact the proper authorities to help get them to safety.

If you need to run errands during a hot day, leave your dog at home where it is safe.  Contact us to make a reservation for pet sitting.  We’d be happy to care for your dog, leaving you free to run errands for as long as you need.

Karla’s Pet Care is a part of the Pet Sitters International Heat Warning Safety Campaign. I have window clings for anyone who would like to request one. We are part of the Just let me know and I will be happy to get one for you!

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