Dog Park Etiquette

Like humans, dogs need socialization too and dog parks can be a great place for our canine companions to associate with other four legged friends. However, just showing up with your dog all willy nilly is not advised. It’s important to follow the rules that are posted as well as know general dog park etiquette to make sure everyone has a good time at the park.

Dog Park Do’s:

  • Keep your dog on the leash until you enter the fenced sections. Take note if there is a separate entrance and exit.
  • Follow all posted rules
  • Wait a few seconds before taking off the leash to assess the park and the dogs inside, this also gives dogs already there to get used to your presence
  • Make sure your dog’s vaccinations and tags are updated
  • Supervise your dog while in the park and watch for loose forming packs or misbehavior
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Check with your vet before you take a dog that has had health problems or is elderly

Dog Park Don’ts:

  • Give your dog treats if other dogs are close by
  • Allow dogs to fight or bully one another
  • Take a puppy that is 4 months old or young
  • Take a sensitive or anxious dog to a park that has a lot of dogs
  • Drop your dog off and go sit in the car or walk a trail
  • Bring intact males or females in heat
  • Force your dog to interact, some dogs are just content to walk around and sniff
  • Allow your dog off leash unless in the fenced in area

Dog park etiquette is very important not only for safety, but for positive encounters that will help your dog grow. If you have any questions about dog parks and our policies on them don’t hesitate to contact us!

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