Doggy DNA Testing – What it tells you and why you should consider it

We’ve all seen the commercials where you can test your DNA and find out your heritage. It’s something most of us have also wondered about. But have you ever looked at your dog and wondered the same thing? Especially if he’s a mutt, you’ve probably claimed he’s half this and half that, but do you really know? And that’s just one of the great things about living in 2017. Now you can find out, with dog DNA testing.

Starting at $60, tests are available online and probably even at your local major pet store. It works pretty much the same as it does for us humans. The kit contains a cheek swab q-tip that you use to gather the DNA. Unless you want to go for the big blood test, which you can ask your veterinarian about. It’s exciting, painless and can be reported in less than two weeks.

Why would you want to test your dog’s DNA?

dog DNA testingSimple, through dog DNA testing you can find out so much about their health and breeding background. Plus, it’s pretty simple and not as expensive as you would think it would be. There is actually tons you can learn that will help you take better care of your pet.

You can learn:

  • Their temperament, such as how much energy they’ll have
  • Better ways to train their specific personality traits
  • How big they may grow
  • What conditions they maybe be predisposed to, like arthritis or diabetes
  • And what breed you can proudly claim as your own

When you learn this type of information you can use it to tailor your care specifically for them. What diet suits them best, how much exercise they need, and other preemptive actions to make sure they are 100% the best pup they can be. 

Have you ever considered a dog DNA test for your canine friend? Let us know if you’ve ever had one and how it turned out. Also, make sure to call us to help tire out your energetic pet while you’re away from home. No matter their breed or heritage, all dogs need exercise!





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