Do You Need a Dog Walker Now That You’re Working From Home?

Do You Need a Dog Walker Now That You’re Working From Home?

Working from home is great for some and not so great for others.  Your commute is certainly less, you can throw in a load of laundry in between Zoom calls and you can walk the dog whenever you want.  Sounds good in theory, but in practice, it can be difficult to find time to walk the dog while trying to juggle a job and kids at home. Do you need a dog walker now that you’re working from home? We have outlined some questions to help you decide what is best for you and your dog.

  1. Does your dog want you to play with you when you are meant to be working? If so, you probably need someone to come to play with them or to take them on a walk to tire them out a bit.
  2. Does your dog love to play with their noisiest toy just as you get on an important call? Many dogs know just the perfect time to pick up their noisiest toy.  If you have an important call coming up or you have a standard important Zoom call, you should have a dog walker come by and take your best friend for a walk so you can concentrate on your meeting and they can have some fun.
  3. Does your dog like to jump up on you when you are trying to work? Nobody likes a dog that is constantly jumping in order to get your attention.  If this is happening, your dog needs a bit more attention from you or from a dog walker.
  4. Does your dog bark to be let outside only to want to come back in 2 minutes later? Maybe they see a squirrel in the backyard or maybe it’s too nice of a day to stay inside or maybe they are just bored or maybe they want your attention.  Regardless, this behavior can be annoying while you are trying to work.
  5. Is your dog restless during the day – unable to settle and take a nap?  If your dog is restless during the day, assuming there are no medical issues, you definitely need to either take your dog for a walk or hire a dog walker.
  6. Do you sometimes struggle to leave your desk to get out for a long walk with your dog at lunchtime?  Walking is healthy for you and your dog, but sometimes we are just too busy to take the time for a walk ourselves or to take our dogs for a walk.
  7. Are you working longer hours meaning your dog is always waiting for you to finish work so you can take them for a walk?  If you are working long hours and can’t fit in a walk, you should consider hiring a dog walker.
  8. Are you a bit worried about how your dog will cope when you go back to the office or when the kids head back to school? For some, heading back to the office and school could happen in the next few weeks and for others, it could happen in the next few months.  Regardless, how is your dog going to feel when everyone is gone again?  Karla’s Pet Care, LLL wrote a blog on how to prepare your dog for life after COVID-19

After going through these questions and honestly assessing your situation, if you think a dog walker would be beneficial to you and your 4 legged best friend, contact Karla’s Pet Care, LLC.  We can make daily or weekly or sporadic visits to your home based on your needs. You and your dog will be much happier.



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