10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in Hot Weather

Even though school is starting, the weather is still just as hot as ever. We may be dreaming of (or dreading) pumpkin spiced everything, crunchy leaves, and hoodies; but summer is still very much in season. The heat can feel even worse this time of year because it’s been week after week.

If we’re hot, can you imagine how stifling it feels to live in a fur coat during the summer? Luckily, we have some great ways to keep your pets cool in the hot weather.

1. Save outdoor activity for early morning or evening

Getting out with your pet in the early morning or evening hours will be much more comfortable than when heat peaks in the afternoon. Those few degrees and heat index really does make a difference.

2. Keep them hydrated

Water, lots and lots of water! If you’re going out for the day, bring a few extra bottles of water and a travel bowl. I like to fill up a few bottles half way, then place them on their side in the freezer the night before. Make sure that the water isn’t covering the hole. Before you leave fill up the other side with water and you’ll have ice cold water for a few hours.

3. Cooling from the bottom up

Pets cool from the bottom up. Stash a spray bottle in your bag and spray their paws and belly while you are out and about. This will help them stay fresh and cool.

4. Get wet!

Speaking of water…get them wet! If you’re feeling cooped up in the AC and you’re ready for some fun in the sun, include water activities. Play in the sprinklers or even a baby pool. Go to the lake for a swim, even if they don’t like to get too wet you can keep cool at the shore.

5. Leave them at home when running errands

It’s never a bad idea to leave them at home when you are running errands. And never leave them in a hot car, even for a few minutes.

6. Be mindful of conditions and breeds

Certain breeds or pets with health conditions have an even lower tolerance to heat. Flat faced breeds like Pugs, Boston terriers and Persian cats have a hard time cooling themselves down by panting. Elderly pets, or pets with heart or lung conditions are also at risk as well.

7. Avoid asphalt

When you’re hitting the park stick the ones with soil trails and park close to the grass. If you’re feet would be burning on the asphalt, then you know you’re dog’s pads are feeling the burn too. You can always try booties or a paw cream for really hot days as well.

8. Get them a cooling vest or mat

A cooling vest or cooling mat utilizes ice packs and cool tech to keep your pets cool on the hottest day.

9. Provide proper outdoor shelter

If your pet’s love being outside have a nice shady area for them to dig in. A nice cool shelter works well too. Our neighbors actually put a little window AC in their dog’s shed and he loves it.

10. Know the signs of dehydration and heat stroke

Make sure you know how to recognize dehydration and heat stroke. Knowledge is powerful when dealing with extreme heat.
Keeping pets is easy if you just know how!

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