Why Cats Need Pet Sitters Too

catsCats are usually thought of as pretty self-reliant pets.  They are generally casual and independent. You often find them relaxing in a spot of sun or a comfy bed, barely moving and never coming when called.  Most people go out of town and think, “Oh my cat will be fine, I mean all they do is eat, sleep, and maybe play a little…”  But that’s not necessarily true.  Cats are also feisty and often get themselves into mischief, especially when left to their own devices.

When I was young, I had my cat in my first apartment and went on short vacation for the first time.  I was only going to be gone for the weekend and I did, in fact, think, “She’ll be fine, I will only be gone two days.” I was so very wrong. Thankfully, she was fine. But it was obvious that she got into some cat shenanigans. There was tupperware was all over the floor, carpets were scratched, picture frames knocked over.

Worst of all, she was actually out of food and that broke my heart. That’s when I realized I really should have hired a pet sitter. Cats can get into a lot more trouble than you think. Especially when they are bored and left by themselves for a long period of time. Here are just a few other situations that can happen when you leave your kitty at home alone.

Why Cats Need Sitters Too

  • They can run out of food and water – A bored cat will eat more than an active cat and even if you think you’ve put down enough food, there is a chance they will run out. My cats have also been known to knock their water bowl over leaving them without anything to drink.
  • They can get trapped or tangled up in wires and cords – I know my cats love getting behind the TV and also in the windows. It could be very easy for them to get tangled up and even strangled. They could also get trapped in cabinets or accidentally close a door and get stuck in a room.  Our homes are full of places where cats can get stuck while playing. If no one is there to rescue them, they could really get hurt.
  • They can get sick – When cats get sick, it can go downhill very quickly. Often things like bladder or kidney infections can show up fast and hard. If no one is there to notice the symptoms, when you get home it may be too late. It’s even worse when they have the extra stress of being home alone added to the sickness. This sounds dramatic, but it is also very true.

For the safety of your precious fur baby and also for your own peace of mind, it really is best for your cat sitter to come at least once a day. Twice a day is even better since it only takes a few seconds for a tricky situation to get from bad to worse.  Nothing is more important than making sure everything is taken care of for the well-being of our loved ones. Keep your kitty safe and make to give us a call to set up pet sitting for your cat! 




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