Best Dog Parks in Elk Grove

Spring has sprung and it is the perfect time to get out with your canine companion. Dog parks are a great place for you to go to enjoy the fresh air while letting your dog run around free to sniff and play.  Here is a great list of dog parks in our area that you should check out while the weather is nice.

Elk Grove Park

One of the main large dog parks in Elk Grove is in Elk Grove Park and it’s dog park doesn’t disappoint either. It’s layout is simple, but with gorgeous trees and benches, clean up stations, and agility equipment you and your pet are sure to love it.  In addition to the dog park, Elk Grove Park has long walking trails, a pond, ball fields, horse shoe pits and more. If you haven’t been yet then you and your pup definitely need to go on your next day off.

Morse Dog Park

This community park is a great place for the whole family.  They have a well maintained off-leash fenced in dog park plus lots of other fun activities.  Tons of fields and courts, water parks, jogging trails, a playground and even a mini skate park.

Laguna Community Park

A 16 acre park that is also full of family fun. The dog park is fenced in and clean plus includes waste bags and a doggy water fountain.  It also has playgrounds, a skate park and picnic area. 

Jacinto Creek Park

One of the larger fenced in parks in the area with 2 acres dedicated just for the dogs.  However, it doesn’t have separate areas for big/small dogs, but there is ample space for everyone to run around. The park has a bike trail, play and picnic areas and water fountains.

The Bark Park

Behind the Sacramento County Animal Care Center is probably one of the best dog parks around.  It may be up to a 30 minute drive, depending on where in Elk Grove you live, but it is definitely worth it.  They have large separate areas for big/small, water fountains and require that all dogs wear their tags and are spayed and neutered.  Even though they have stricter rules, it is only for the health and wellness of your pets.

Just remember when you’re heading out to one of your local dog parks you need to keep your dog leashed until you are in the actual off-leash area. Make sure to follow all the rules and re-leash your dog before exiting the park.  Also, take note if there is a separate entrance and exit at the park as it makes coming and going much safer and easier for all.  Most of all have fun watching your dog romp and play in the warm grass and shining sun!

Let us know which dog park in our area is your favorite in the comment section below.



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