Helping Your Dog Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is almost officially here. And the hot summer temperatures are as well. The shining sun will usually beckon you out from your blasting AC, but sometimes the heat can still be a little too much to take. Here are some great ideas to help you dog beat the heat this summer. You can still have fun, plus stay safe and cool at the same time.

Have lots of water to keep your dog from getting too hot

Make sure you always have water and more water wherever you go. Bring extra water and travel bowls anytime you’re spending time outside. Pack frozen water bottles as well as other fresh cold bottles. Also, if you love spending time in your yard, get your dog a little baby wading pool to dip into when they’re getting over heated. This is especially fun if you have children too!  And don’t forget to add ice cubes to their water after they’ve been outside. Most dogs love ice water just as much as we do.heat

Time activities in cooler parts of the day

Take walks and plan exercise for early mornings and evenings before the temperatures spike. If it’s too hot to make it outside for a workout, try working out indoors with your dog. Play a vigorous game of tug-o-war for a great arm workout. Do jumping jacks in between rounds and then stretch and wrestle with you dog for some added calisthenics.

Make frozen dog treats

Your dog will probably love having their own version of a popsicle on a hot summer’s day. Check out these great recipes for frozen doggy treats!

Get them groomed

Make sure to keep your long hair pets groomed and trimmed during the summer. Helping them shed their thick undercoat during the summer will help them stay cool in the hot months. Plus, it will help your house stay free of doggy “tumbleweeds” of fur as they shed.

Summer is definitely the time for fun in the sun, but it’s important to do it safely and think about your activities ahead of time. It can get really hot out there, but with a little extra thought you can beat the heat!


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