Beach Safety Tips for Your Elk Grove Dog

Summer is right around the corner and soon it will be time to hit up the beach. One of the best parts of living in Elk Grove is that we’re just a short trip to a day of coastal fun. The sunshine and soothing waves, it’s never a bad way to spend the day. And it is also a perfect place to let your dog come along for the fun. However, if you are taking your dog to the beach this summer make sure to go over these safety tips before you head out.Elk Grove

Pack the right provisions

It’s no fun at the beach if you are hot, thirsty and slowly turning into a crisp.  You need more than a towel and toys to make it fun; stocking up with plenty of supplies is key for a great day at the ocean.

Pack several leashes for the trip; keep one in the car, take one or two to the beach so you can change the length if they are tied up for walking the beach. If you’re staying at a house you can leave one tied to the porch for easy hook up when you get home.

It gets hot in the sun and dogs can easily overheat, having lots of water and a shady umbrella will go along way to make everyone comfortable. Stock the cooler with frozen and thawed water bottles, and cool snacks like fresh fruit and sandwiches. Try to avoid salty snacks, but don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite food too! If you’re planning to spend all day in the sun there’s no way you’d forget your sunscreen. Did you know dogs can get sunburned too? Apply sunscreen made for dogs or even sensitive baby sunscreen (make sure there is no zinc) to their ears, nose, under belly and groin. If they have short or shaved hair, you may want to put a light coat all over.

Hot Hot Hot! 

Your skin isn’t the only thing that bakes in the sun, the sand does too. I mean, if you have been to the beach before, then you know the pain of kicking off your sandals off only to find burning sand scorching your feet. It can often be overlooked, it’s really no surprise your dog can feel it too. Before you head out put some paw protecting wax, like Musher’s Secret, on their feet to save them from the sand burn.  

Be aware of hazards in and around the water

Whether your dog loves swimming or not, be extra careful around piers and shallow water. There can be tons of debris that wash up. Old fishing hooks, broken shells, or sharp pieces of liter can easily cut their paws. If your dog is new to the beach, introduce them slowly to the water in a quiet area like an inlet. Be aware of rip currents that might be too strong.  Think about packing a doggy life jacket if you’re going to go out on a boat or if you dog likes to swim deep.

Avoid itchy & irritated skin by washing and toweling them off

It’s hard to relax when you have that gritty sand feeling on your skin. That’s why we shower off before heading back in from the sand. When you can, make sure to wash your dog off as well and use a brush or a thin microfiber towel to brush the sand off their face and fur while drying them off.

Let us know your favorite beach hacks with your Elk Grove dog and tips for when you take your canine companion to the coast in the comments below!




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