Bathing Your Dog: What You Need to Know

Bathing Your DogWhen you’re greeted by the smell of your dog before you even see them, then it may be time for a bath. Chances are they ended up that smelly because bath time can be pretty stressful. But once you’re armed with a few good bath time tips, bathing your dog will be a breeze.

Start with an all over brushing and check for ticks or fleas

Brushing your dog before a bath will remove tangles and clean the coat of loose hairs. It also stimulates the oil glands, helping shampoo do a better job. Bonus, it helps your dog relax and get into “grooming mode.”

Have everything set up beforehand

Set up a station with supplies and multiple towels. A washcloth and dog-friendly shampoo (not even baby shampoo is good for their coat). Dogs have a different pH balance and need their own shampoo to prevent irritation. Put the first towel down on the bottom of the tub so they don’t slip. Then use the second towel as a “shake stopper” and the last towel for the all over drying. In between rinsing and shampooing throw a towel on them like a horse blanket avoids getting you and the walls drenched.

Don’t be afraid to use a leash if needed

If you need to, keep a leash and collar on your dog. Just loosen the collar enough to be able to wash and dry under it. Using a leash can make them feel more secure and also give them the cue that you are in control, just like on a walk. 

Offer treats and give them lots of praise

You want to make the dog think that bath time is the best. That’s why extra treats and praise helps them think that is a fun time instead of a punishment. 

Use steel wool to drain the tub before the final rinse off

Our final tip, use a steel wool scrubber in the bottom of the drain to allow the water to leave the tub, but still, catch all of the hair and debris without clogging your drains. Then make sure to rinse and rinse some more. Even the smallest amount of shampoo can dry out and irritate their skin.  

Check out this video for a few more good tips on bathing your dog and having a dog that is squeaky clean and smelling good!


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