Activities for the Dog Dad This Father’s Day

Activities for the Dog Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and we can’t forget about all the fur dads out there! As a dog dad, you undoubtedly spend plenty of time doting on your fur baby, and Father’s Day is a good reason to make your day with your pup a little extra special. Wondering what you can do with your dog? We’ve listed some of our favorite activities for the dog dad this Father’s Day.

Take a Joy Ride

Almost all dogs love taking a ride in the car, so buckle up and hit the road! With summertime in full effect, it’s a great opportunity to let the windows down and feel the breeze in your face, just watch out for flying drool from Fido’s tongue. A nice leisurely drive through the country or on a scenic route is a great way to clear your head and have some much needed time with your dog.

Make a Splash

Whether you’re on a boat, fishing off a dock, or taking a swim in the pool, getting out in the water is a great way to cool off this Father’s Day. Don’t have a pool or body of water near your house? Hook up a fun sprinkler in the back yard and get out there and play, your dog will have a good time with you no matter where you are.

Get in Touch with Nature

If you’re outdoorsy, taking a tip into the great outdoors with your dog can be a perfect way to spend the day. Look for a local campground that is dog-friendly and book the weekend. Many camping areas also have hiking trails and walking paths and are a great way to get active with your pup. Just don’t forget to update your dog’s ID or microchip information, get vaccine boosters and keep their leash on when out on the trails.

Have a Lazy Sunday

If the outdoors aren’t really your thing, take the opportunity to have a lazy day with your dog! Snuggle up with your dog on the couch, pop on your favorite TV show or a movie marathon, and just veg out. You two may even sneak in a little cat nap here and there, and admit it, that sounds heavenly.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Been wanting to put a fence in the backyard to keep your dog safe? Or maybe you’ve seen a cool doghouse on the internet, and you’ve been wanting to take a crack at building it for your pup to enjoy? Well, get out there and do it! Many hardware stores are dog-friendly, so take a trip down there for your supplies and then get to work. You’ll enjoy building something for your dog, and your dog will enjoy just getting to be in your presence while you work.

Have Some Playtime

Toss the frisbee around the backyard or play fetch at your local dog park. You can even take your dog to the pet store and have them pick out a brand-new fun toy to play with. Or consider signing up for an obedience class or a one-on-one session with a trainer! They’ll help you teach your dog some new tricks and behaviors, and it’s a great way to stimulate both you and your dog’s mind!

If you’re headed out of town for Father’s Day or even plan to be gone for the whole day, contact us to schedule a walk or vacation visits.



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