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Karla Cano

Karla Cano


Hi, My name is Karla Cano, owner of Karla’s Pet Care, LLC. Ever since I can remember I have had pets. From cats and dogs, to rats, hamsters, mice, and parakeets, even pollywogs collected from the streams behind the baseball fields in Southern California while I waited for my brother to be done with his games. I have always loved animals! My mom thought for sure I would become ambassador of the San Diego Zoo.

I went into the human medical field instead. In 2000 my family moved to Elk Grove. After working 12 years in the human medical field and watching a lot of animal planet, in 2001, I decided to enter the veterinary field. I attended Cosumnes Veterinary Technician program. While in school I heard of pet sitting companies. I had no idea they existed and researched about what was involved in owning one.

In 2003 I launched my in-home professional pet sitting business, officially Karla’s Pet Care LLC in 2004 along with graduating my associates of science degree and the vet tech program. I then sat for the California state board and become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) that same year (big year). I have enjoyed working at a few of the local vet hospitals in the area. As my pet sitting business grew the economy failed and I was laid off at my vet job. I looked for a new job for a while then realized I could be a professional pet sitter full time! I was so excited and so nervous. However, it had been so rewarding to help owners enjoy their time away without worry and stress about their pets welfare it made for an easy decision. Karla’s Pet Care, LLC started with just a few clients and has grown to 300+ clients in 2015! A big thank you to my family and friends who supported me through those years and to my amazing clients for entrusting their precious pets to my care.

We have been honored to have had articles in the Elk Grove Citizen about Karla’s Pet Care, LLC and have been quoted for various types of pet care articles.

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Pet Sitter

My name is Adriana. I was born in Brazil and spent many years in Portugal before moving here.
My parents always had dogs around.
When I was young, my mom rescued a  street cat that was hit by a car. Then, I discovered how amazing kitties are.
Yes, I am a dog and cat person indeed!
I can care for other types of  animals too!
Taking care of pets make my days happier.


Pet Sitter

Hi, my name is Kayla, and I love being a part of Karla’s Pet Care, LLC team!

I was born and raised in Elk Grove, and have always had lots of pets growing up. My love and passion for all animals have grown even more, and they really take a liking to me too! I have two lovable German Shepherds and two adorable kitties.

When I’m not spending quality time with your sweet fur babies, you can find me, my husband and our toddler son playing at the park or working in the garden.


There are around 70 million homeless pets in America.  Animal shelters and pet-rescue organizations nationwide are in constant need of pet food donations.  Elk Grove’s Animal Control Unit is no different and they are also in need of such donations; specifically for cat food, as the area’s feral and stray cat population continues to grow. Donated pet food from the community helps the unit assist local feral cat colony caretakers. With the community’s contributions, the breadth of these rescue efforts can reach much further to help the animals in need.

“When cats are out there alone they will establish colonies so that they can live together in certain areas. They find that building up in numbers helps them survive,” said Maureen McCann, unit supervisor. “Good Samaritans stumble upon these colonies, trap the cats, and provide them with what they need. The caretakers are providing us with a tremendous service because if they weren’t out there doing what they do the cat overpopulation would be much worse than it is.”

As a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, Cano joined the annual effort that collects pet food for shelters each year.

Karla Cano, owner of Karla’s Pet Care, LLC in Elk Grove, annually hosts the Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive to benefit the Animal Control Unit’s need.  PSI members organize local pet food drives that benefit their communities’ animal shelters and pet-rescue organizations.  The Hungry Bowl Food Drive has succeeded in donating 1,700lbs of pet food, plus needed supplies since 2014.  Thanks to everyone who has made these donations possible!